Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Review/Recap: Universes Conspire Against Universe 7

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Dragon Ball Super episode 85 was interesting as it focused on giving us some background detail about Universe 11. Universe 11 is being hyped up to be the strongest Universe in the Tournament of Power.

This is the same Universe that Toppo is from. However, the character named Jiren is supposedly the strongest person in the entire tournament.

Before we get a glimpse of Universe 11, we see Gohan and Goku flying around. The pair of them are still trying to recruit members into their own team.

Gohan separates from Goku to talk to Piccolo into joining the tournament. Gohan is confident that Piccolo will join as he's a martial artist that likes to test his skills.

As for Goku, he didn't do much in Dragon Ball Super episode 85. The main interesting thing that he did today was spar with Buu.

As you can see from the screenshot posted above, Buu is no longer fat. Hercule says Buu was really motivated by his exhibition match and got in really good shape.

Both Goku and Hercule tell Buu that he's not allowed to kill anyone. Buu agrees to with spar with Goku and he shows him a new technique. Buu shoots lots of Ki blasts at Goku and this causes Goku to block and be off guard.

With Goku off guard, Buu punches him to the ground. This technique is helpful in the tournament as rings-outs are the way to win.

Goku is happy Buu is on the team, although Hercule is still worried about the possibility of Universe 7 getting erased.

Another interesting part of this episode are a pair of meetings.

The first meeting was held by the Universe 11 Surpreme Kai. He invites all of the other Supreme Kais (apart from the Universe 7 one) to come up with a plan to convince Zen-Oh not to erase their universes.

He says that they should ask Zen-Oh for a grace period. He wants to see if they can raise their mortal levels to number 7.

If they can achieve a mortal level of number 7, he feels Zen-Oh might change his mind.

The other Supreme Kais feel his plan is a waste of time since Zen-Oh has made up his mind already.

The Universe 11 Supreme Kai then says to himself that he will win the tournament as he has the strongest and best fighters.

The other meeting is held by Champa of Universe 6 as he talks with the other Gods of Destruction. He didn't invite Beerus as he blames Goku for being in this predicament in the first place.

Vados tries to defend Goku and says Goku proposing the tournament is giving the Universes a second chance. After all, Zen-Oh was going to erase all of them anyway.

The other Gods of Destruction still hate Goku due to his actions during the exhibition match. They felt he was rude and unforgiving.

You cannot blame them for their attitudes as Goku went all-out against Bergamo. That Bergamo match could have saved their Universes from erasure, but Goku thought about winning rather than the lives of everyone else.

Champa needs to recruit more warriors for the tournament so Vados gives Cabba a call. Champa says he wants more Saiyans stronger than Cabba on the Universe 6 team.

It's the only funny moment of the entire episode. I'm pretty sure there are stronger Saiyans that exist in Universe 6 too.

Anyway, most of the episode focused on Toppo. Toppo is still kind of angry that he wasn't able to stop Goku.

He feels a bit down because he's unsure if he's able to save Universe 11 from deletion.

His Pride Troopers mate (Kahseral) says he should be optimistic as the people of Universe 11 look up to him as a hero. The two get a distress call and head out to another planet.

The distress call comes from another Pride Trooper (he looks like Beerus) called Dypso.

Dypso is in the middle of battling a dude controlling a monster with tentacles and big teeth. This monster looks similar to Malboro from the Final Fantasy series.

The Pride Troopers are reunited and they easily dispose of both the monster and the person controlling him. Toppo tells them about the possible future of deletion.

They decide to gather other Pride Troopers from other planets for the Tournament of Power. They are now going to visit the powerful Jiren who is training elsewhere.

The episode ends with Goku meeting up with Dende and Mr. Popo. Dende tells Goku where Android 17 is.

The first meeting between Android 17 and Goku will occur next week on Dragon Ball Super. As for Gohan, he doesn't have to do much to convince Piccolo to join.

Piccolo already knows about the tournament. There are only 37 more hours left until game time!

This episode was okay, but it was mostly filler. Aside from the Universe 11 stuff and seeing a slim Buu, this episode isn't a must-see one.

There were no big story advancements or any big fights apart from the minor scuffle Buu had with Goku. Next week's episode should be better since Goku has never met Android 17 before. Will Android 17 be friendly to Goku?

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