Brock Lesnar Wins The 2019 WWE Money in the Bank

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Even though most people were watching the Game of Thrones finale, there was another event as WWE staged its Money in the Bank PPV tonight. While it was an okay event, the ending disappointed many viewers watching at home.

The Men's MITB match was awesome as Ali, Andrade, Ricochet, Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Randy Orton tore the house down.

They did lots of innovative moves using the ladders and the crowd was white hot for the majority of the match.

An eighth competitor was yet to be announced as Braun Strowman was asked to leave the building after Sami Zayn got attacked backstage. However, the PPV ended on a sour note because an eighth opponent finally arrived.

Just as Ali was about to win the MITB, Brock Lesnar's music hit and he rushed down the ring.

All Brock Lesnar had to do was pull Ali away and then he climbed up to win the match! He pretty much got rewarded for doing nothing at all!

Social media reaction to the end of the match has been negative.

A lot of people vow not to tune into Monday Night Raw while other people cannot wait for AEW to debut next Saturday. In either case, it was a very unpopular decision.

The only reason I feel Vince McMahon did this is to get people talking and it's a way to try and increase TV ratings.

His plan might backfire on him though because I don't know anybody that his happy with this decision.

It will be interesting to see which title Brock Lesnar will cash in on. He could cash in on Seth Rollins' Universal Title or go for the WWE Title held by Kofi Kingston.

Thankfully the Women's division is looking better than the men.

Bayley won the Women's MITB match and cashed her opportunity on Charlotte to become the new Smackdown Champion. As for Becky Lynch, she was able to retain the Raw title against Lacey Evans earlier in the night.

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