WWE Raw Had Its Lowest Rating Of All Time

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WWE Raw has been going on for over 27 years now and the ratings have always been important. Well 2020 is not looking good for the show because Raw has been getting its lowest ratings of all time!

It has been reported that this week's Raw has received the lowest rating of all time. The show only averaged 1.686 million viewers. This is down from the 1.817 million viewers that tuned into the show last week.

The first hour of Raw drew only 1.807 million fans. The second hour lowered to 1.691 viewers while the third hour was the lowest in history with only 1.560 million viewers.

What's even worse is that this week's show has ratings that were lower than Holiday special shows. This has been a trend as of late since WWE has been unable to keep viewers happy during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Many people blame the poor ratings due to the shows having no fans in attendance. After all, a wrestling show is always much better having a live audience in a packed arena.

Even if fans are allowed to attend shows later this year, it might still be an uphill battle for WWE to increase its low ratings. WWE may have to do something quickly to please the TV networks.

WWE is trying to gain interest for next week's Raw as they already announced Edge vs Randy Orton. Hopefully the older wrestlers are able to increase viewership next week!

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