'Unexpected' TLC Episode 3 Recap: What Happened To James??

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Tonight was the third episode of TLC's Unexpected. Here goes the recap:

TLC 'Unexpected': Lexus and Shayden

Lexus and Shayden are on their way to the hospital. Shayden keeps asking "are we there yet?" Shayden looks even more pimply than usual.

Lexus' mom Kelsey notes how immature Shayden is acting. She starts asking about who is going to pay for Scarlet's (their daughter) insurance. Shayden doesn't seem to be worried about that.

At the hospital, Lexus is falling asleep in pain. Lexus is shaking, and everyone is getting concerned. But eventually, Scarlet is born and everything seems good.

Shayden is crying; he says it's the best moment of his life.

TLC 'Unexpected': Lilly and James

Lilly is still upset that James left the birthing class. Her whole family is at the house for dinner to cheer her up. She's upset that she can't ride the roller coaster at the local carnival because she's with child.

The next day, the family goes to the strawberry festival. James was supposed to show up, but he decided not to. Lilly does not like that.

James, meanwhile, said he refused to go because he didn't want to pay for a ticket just to walk around. Since he couldn't go on rides, he wasn't willing to pay.

TLC 'Unexpected': McKayla and Caelan

McKayla and her mom are on their way to their joint baby shower. Things stay relatively calm, as Shelly and Shannon ignore each other. But, the tension is high.

Later, Shannon and Shelly meet to talk about the whole situation. Shannon is angry and tries to legitimize her disappearance.

Meanwhile, Shelly continues to act like she's a model parent. She tells Shannon that she got pregnant on purpose for attention. Shannon retorts that Shelly needs to keep her son from impregnating girls.

That's it for this episode...we'll be back next week for another recap.

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