The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 Review/Recap: Team Flash Reunited

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The Flash season 3 ended on sad note because Barry Allen had to put himself inside the Speed Force in order to save the city.

It was a sad goodbye, although season 4 shows us that Barry isn't gone forever. Cisco finds a way to bring him back.

Season 4 episode 1 called "The Flash Reborn" starts six months after the Speed Force consumed Barry Allen. Iris West is moving on with her life without Barry.

The good guys are now called "Team Kid Flash" with Iris, Joe, Cisco and Wally. They have been able to save the city without the need of Barry.

However, things get serious when some Samurai dude shows up.

The Samurai wants to fight the real Flash and will destroy the city if he doesn't show up.

Iris thinks it's impossible to let Barry Allen out of the Speed Force, but Cisco has found a way to free him using the bazooka they had last season.

Cisco enlists the help of Caitlin Snow who is now working in a scummy bar. She's not Killer Frost anymore and she agrees to help out Cisco.

The team go to an airfield where they free Barry, although Barry is not himself. He's gone mental after spending so long inside of the Speed Force.

The Samurai comes back demanding the real Flash to confront him. Well Joe and the police force are the only ones there.

Iris finds some courage and hope and says the Samurai should kidnap her. She's using the Lois Lane technique like with Superman. The Samurai kidnaps Iris which causes Joe to panic.

Nobody but Barry is able to save Iris because Wally has injured his leg in an earlier confrontation with the Samurai.

Joe mentions to Barry that he's not allowed to let Iris die. The possibility of Iris dying somehow triggers Barry's memory back and he chases the Samurai outside of the city.

To cut a long story short, Barry is all suited up in a cool looking new costume and manages to save Iris from the Samurai. However, we find out that the Samurai is just a robot being controlled by someone else.

Later in the season, the team will have to find out who is behind the robot. The audience is shown who the villain is and his name is The Thinker.

Another small tease is that we find out that Caitlin Snow has not fully recovered from her Killer Frost persona.

Even though Caitlin is back on Team Flash, she could spell trouble again if she cannot control herself. She seems to become Killer Frost whenever she gets angry.

Anyway, Season 4 of The Flash is off to a decent start.

There were many action scenes and not a lot of boring drama that bogged down Season 3.

Not to mention The Thinker seems like an original villain since he's not a speedster and he doesn't seem to be close to the team.

However, I do feel the drama of the Season 3 finale was tied up too nicely in the first episode.

It would have been more dramatic if they drew out The Flash's reappearance for at least a couple of more episodes.

I would have liked to have seen a six month gap where Kid Flash was the savior of the city.

To me, it seems as if they rescued Barry too easily. Not to mention he got his memory back so quickly as well.

It's kind of like how they blew off Flashpoint all in one episode last season. I would have liked to have seen a crazy Barry for at least a couple more episodes.

Despite some flaws, I do like The Flash back on television. It still has the same amount of action and likable characters. I hope The Thinker is a unique villain and isn't cliche as well.

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