Ellen DeGeneres Reflects On 2016

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The Ellen Show is back with an all new episode and host Ellen DeGeneres wanted to take a look back at her favorite moments of 2016. The clips including Adele at a Jamba Juice and many more.

The first clip DeGeneres reviewed was that of Adele going to a Jamba Juice, cutting her own wheat grass and making some pretty strange deer noises. She also revisited some magic tricks for her little magician Britton, who made her laugh until she cried.

She couldn't control her laughter as Britton got all of his tricks ready on stage.

The Ellen Show was filled with so many hilarious moments in 2016 that it's pretty incredible to think she could pick just three.

Of course, she rounded off her top three moments with a trip to CVS with First Lady Michelle Obama. Kicking off 2017 with laughter is exactly what we would expect from DeGeneres.

You can check out the top three moments in The Ellen Show video below and stay tuned for more hilarious fun to come in 2017.

Ellen DeGeneres Reflects On 2016