Disney Could Be Purchasing A Majority Of 20th Century Fox

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This is unexpected news from the entertainment world.

The mega company known as Disney is in early talks to acquire a majority of 20th Century Fox. This could mean great news if you are a fan of the Marvel comic book superheroes.

According to CNBC, 20th Century Fox is willing to sell many of its assets over to Disney.

Disney will get a majority of the company, although the only things Fox is keeping is its news and sports divisions. Disney will be able to get the rest including movie and TV properties.

This news has caused many comic book fans to salivate. If Disney goes through with it, they can get both the X-Men and Fantastic Four movie licenses.

As of right now, Disney's MCU cannot make movies about Deadpool, Wolverine and more. However with this sale, Disney can merge the MCU with the aformentioned characters.

Disney declined to comment any further on the topic when asked by CNBC. Silence could be a sign it's true since usually they would deny talks if the news was false.

Disney would earn loads of money being responsible for 20th Century Fox's film and TV division.

James Cameron's Avatar films are owned by 20th Century Fox right now and those movies could earn billions of dollars in the next few years.

How much 20th Century Fox is worth is anyone's guess. Only a mega corporation like Disney will have enough money to make this sale possible.

We just have to wait and see what the future holds. It could be one of the biggest purchases in entertainment history.

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