'Teen Wolf's' Tyler Posey Wears Awesome Toaster Strudel Socks, Grabs A Beer For Breakfast

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As the star of MTV's 'Teen Wolf' Tyler Posey doesn't have much room for comedy on the show, however, he saves it all for his hilarious posts on social media including Toaster Strudel socks and a beer breakfast.

A photo posted by Tyler Posey (@i_love_harveys) on

While beer may not be everyone's first choice for a breakfast beverage Posey seems to be one guy who doesn't mind it.

Also, who else do you know that can drink a tall glass of brew while sending out an encouraging message for his fans?

"Happy breakfast! I hope everyone has a rad day! Go out and go out of your way to be nice to someone today #spreadsomelove," read the caption of Posey's enticing shot of the beer.

Fans of Posey also got to see an exchange between the folks over at Toaster Strudel and Posey after he posted a photo to Twitter wearing some Toaster Strudel inspired socks.

Meanwhile fans are still waiting to hear whether or not Blink-182 is ready to take Posey up on his offer to be the new lead singer.

Fans will just have to wait and see, otherwise they can watch Posey resume his role as Scott on MTV's "Teen Wolf" set to return this summer.