Watch Brielle's Adorable Meeting With Nate On The Ellen Show

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What happens when two adorable, young and brilliant minds meet? Well fans of The Ellen Show got to find out when Brielle met Nate.

It was a heartwarming meeting of the minds and we couldn't predict any of the hilarious aspects of their gathering.

It was expert v.s. expert. DeGeneres introduced the video of Brielle and Nate which kicked off with the two exchanging what they are experts in.

Brielle said she knows the Periodic Tables of Elements and Nate followed by saying he was good at Geography. Meanwhile, as an icebreaker, Brielle revealed that she had pineapple stuck at the bottom of her teeth.

The two realized they were the same age and further exchanged some fun they had on their respective birthdays. It was definitely a grand meeting and they ended it was an adorable handshake.

Of course, Brielle has built her fan base and continues to run her Briellient segments on EllenTube. Only time will tell if Nate has a follow-up of his own in the works.

In the meantime, check out Brielle and Nate's meeting in The Ellen Show video below.

Watch Brielle's Adorable Meeting With Nate On The Ellen Show