Sony Pictures Clarifies That Venom & Black Cat/Silver Sable Films Are Not In the MCU

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Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to release in less than two weeks and that has led to many interviews recently, with some of the most interesting information coming from Sony Pictures' Amy Pascal, including some clarification on some recent news that was reported after one of her interviews.

Marvel Studios managing to bring Spider-Man back into the fold starting off with Captain America: Civil War was a major win for everyone.

Fans got to finally see one of their favorite characters brought into the ever growing Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside characters like Iron Man and Captain America, while Sony still got to be involved as well.

The exact details of this partnership between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios has been a little confusing and vague, especially with Sony Pictures announcing their own movies based on Spider-Man characters, including one on Venom and another with both Black Cat and Silver Sable.

It was pretty clear that these were going to be separate from the MCU and Spider-Man: Homecoming, as weird as that may sound, with Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige saying as much on numerous occasions.

However, some comments by Pascal last weekend in front of Feige during an interview seemed to state they would be part of the MCU after all, which were followed by comments of Tom Holland mentioning he would love to work with Tom Hardy, who was cast as Venom.

In the end though, this has turned out not to be quite the case.

Pascal spoke with Fandango Managing Editor Erik Davis today and gave a clarifying statement about her comments prior that he shared on his Twitter.

"Everyone seems to have totally misunderstood what I said, and I'm so glad for a chance to say it. All the characters are a part of the Marvel comic book universe, and they're all interrelated in that universe. Spider-Man is now part of the MCU, as he was created to be in the beginning. The other things that Sony are doing, which are characters from the Marvel comic book universe, are independent, separate franchises. Both 'Venom' and "Silver Sable and Black Cat.'"

This whole situation is rather confusing with reference to a "Marvel comic book universe" on top of the MCU. Regardless of that, Sony's separate Spiderverse ventures appear to be staying completely separate from the MCU continuity wise, at least for the time being.

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