'Naked and Afraid' Season 7 Episode 3: Explosive Couple Can't Get Along

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Tonight, Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid season 7 episode 3 aired. Here's our recap:

This episode takes place in Trinidad in the rainy jungles. The first person we meet is Shannon, a 38-year-old from Utah.

Shannon is a stonemason who was trapped on a mountain when she was younger, and was able to survive in a self built igloo until the rescuers were able to come.

Shannon is a mother of two, and her children are excited to see her on the show. Shannon received a survival rating of 7.2.

Next, we meet Tim. Tim is a 27-year-old firefighter with two kids as well. Tim had a single mother, and spent a lot of time in the woods when he was younger.

He used to enjoy getting lost in the woods and finding his way out. He later joined the military. Tim also receives a survival rating of 7.2.

The couple strips down and gets ready to make their way to the campsite. Shannon makes a humorous comment about her "Amazon Bush". In addition to the "bush," Shannon brings along some climbing rope. Tim brings a machete.

The jungle of Trinidad contains large areas of volcanic sand - sort of like quicksand - and the couple uses it to protect themselves from the sun.

They come across stinging ants in giant colonies and skin melting mites, as well as poisonous snakes.

Within hours of arriving, the couple encounters a thunderstorm. With the heavy rains, the terrain gets very slippery and dangerous, and Shannon falls and slightly hurts herself. She is then attacked by biting ants. Things are not starting out well.

The couple finally finds a spot to camp, and Tim starts to build a tent. Immediately, they argue. Shannon and Tim can't agree on how to build the tent, with each one messing up the other's work.

Before the first day is out, the couple is swearing at each other and fighting over nearly everything.

Overnight, insects are biting like crazy, and because a couple doesn't have a fire, they are in really bad shape. Tim is unable to sleep the whole night. Tim calls it the worst night of his life.

The next day, the couple looks to start a fire.

But again, neither of the two can get along about anything, and they are butting heads about every single thing. Eventually, they are able to get the fire lit, but it burns out quickly.

Unfortunately with no fire they are unable to drink water, because the water is dirty and needs to be boiled. Tim decides to drink the dirty water, but Shannon doesn't.

By the third day, the couple still is unable to make a fire that lasts, and Shannon still hasn't had anything to drink. In the morning, Tim starts trying to make a fire by himself, only to be yelled at by Shannon, who says he's not a team player.

The two start telling each other to shut up, and they talk about how they would be better off by themselves. But after fighting for a long time, the two are able to work together and start a fire successfully.

The next morning, the couple starts arguing because Shannon is working and she's upset that Tim is not.

Over the next several days, Tim mostly rests, while Shannon does the work. Shannon tries to order Tim around, but he refuses to do what she wants him to do.

Surprisingly, the couple is more than halfway through their time on the island, and besides the fact that they are constantly fighting, the actual survival seems to be going well.

At this point, however, Tim and Shannon are basically working alone and ignoring each other.

By day 15, Shannon and Tim are not at all talking to each other. Shannon continues to do work, and she complains that Tim is mostly laying around. Somehow, they manage to pass the time.

However, by day 17, Shannon is not doing well -- she's sick and weak. Tim decides to change his attitude and try to make things better.

As his first deed, Tim goes out hunting, looking to get some good food for the couple.

Tim returns to camp with some grubs, which they grill and eat. The two apologize to each other and make an effort to turn things around before the end of the show.

By the last day, Tim and Shannon have worked everything out, and they're ready to go to the extraction point as a strong team.

As a make their way toward the extraction point, it starts to pour, and the couple have to use every last bit of energy to make it through the jungle.

By late afternoon, they make it to the Atlantic Ocean, where the extraction boat is waiting.

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