'90 Day Fiance' Season 5 episode 5 Recap: Is Aika the New Afisa?

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This season's couples have definitely had a rocky start. Read on to find out which couple began to self-destruct first.

90 Day Fiance Season 5: Nicole and Azan

Nicole is on the lookout to make sure Azan treats her the way she wants to be treated. Nicole and Azan set out to see a famous mosque in Morocco. Azan notes that if he and Nicole have kids in the future, he hopes they will be Muslim but he does want them to choose what they want in the future.

Azan worries about having May on a leash. Nicole feels good spending time with both Azan and May. But trouble some comes up when Nicole asks Azan if they can share a room when they get to his aunt's house.

May and Nicole arrive at Azan's aunt's home and are excited to introduce May. Azan's mother says if Azan goes to America she won't worry about him.

Azan is stressed about asking for privacy with Nicole. Still, he does ask and feels embarrassed about her response. Nicole takes it a little personally.

The next day, Azan and Nicole go out for lunch. Azan brings up Nicole's past cheating incident. He notes that after Nicole told him about her cheating, she called him hundreds of times and asked him to forgive her so he did. After Nicole's last trip, she also went out with her friends and took off her ring.

Azan and Nicole have a heart-to-heart about whether Azan trusts Nicole. On camera, it turns out that in the night she'd gone with a friend, it turned out to be a guy friend.

Azan feels betrayed when he finds this out and says he wouldn't have asked Nicole to come to Morocco.

Nicole stalks off camera and says that the interview is done. Later, she begs Azan to tell her what he's thinking, but he refuses.

The next day, Azan and Nicole go out and talk about their relationship. Even though Azan only trusts Nicole 40%, he decides to give her another chance.

90 Day Fiance Season 5: Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth is on her way to Ireland to meet with Andrei. Andrei points out that Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Andrei works as a bouncer at a club. Andrei surprises Elizabeth by telling her that his interview with immigration is scheduled in just 2 days, despite her worries.

When Elizabeth talks to Andrei about his past and why he overstayed on his prior visa to America, he gets defensive. Elizabeth thinks Andrei doesn't understand the importance of his past actions.

Elizabeth tells Andrei that her family is worried that he's going to take advantage of her. She doesn't want to move to Ireland and is hoping things work out okay.

Elizabeth wants to go over the interview questions but Andrei feels pressured. In a mock interview, Andrei won't stop kidding and doesn't take Elizabeth seriously. Elizabeth grills Andrei and reminds him that he needs to take the process seriously.


90 Day Fiance Season 5: Molly and Luis

Luis enjoys spending time with Kensley but feels hurt when she doesn't accept him as Molly's husband or her father. Later, Molly and Luis attend a lunch at her dad's farm. Molly's children are there, with Olivia showing up with her boyfriend. Things get awkward really fast when Molly's father starts asking questions.

Olivia seems to be enjoying the drama. Molly's father feels Molly is being immature. Olivia agrees and feels that things are moving too fast. Luis knows that Molly's father will never accept him.

Luis has been in the US for a few weeks and has been really happy to spend more time with Molly. Still, he's been bored. Luis misses his family.

90 Day Fiance Season 5: Annie and David

The day for the engagement has arrived and David has to bring more money just in case. David enjoys himself dancing through the village although Annie thinks he looks like a kangaroo.

David continues to feel stressed about money, however, when he has to hand out money to the entire village as part of the ceremony. David feels overwhelmed with the emotion of happiness, despite the cost.

The time for David and Annie to return to America soon arrives. David and Annie meet up with David's friends in Bangkok, Chris and Nicky. Chris invited David and Annie to live with them since David doesn't have a home or any resources.

Chris asks Annie if she'll cook for them in exchange, but then bizarrely asks Annie to give him massages too.

Annie looks insulted but tells Chris politely that she won't give him massages. Nicky just doesn't want David to become dependent on Chris.

90 Day Fiance Season 5: David and Evelyn

Evelyn is having a party for David to meet everyone. David is happy to meet everyone though he surprises the family when talks about moving South to a warmer climate. David is concerned about all of the snow in New Hampshire.

Still, when Evelyn's friend Mikayla arrives, she casts a pall with her skepticism. Mikayla announces her distrust of David to everyone as soon as she comes in.

David feels upset when Mikayla voices her concerns and retorts with a remark about Mikayla being single. Mikayla feels really hurt and cries but she and David just don't wind up seeing eye to eye.

David and Evelyn sit down and take care of their wedding invitations. David is more laid back.

Still, David is upset that Evelyn's friends and family won't host his friends and family coming from Spain. They both conclude that they seem to be disagreeing more than usual.

90 Day Fiance Season 5:Aika and Josh

Josh greets Aika at the airport and as soon as she sees Josh's car, she asks why he didn't get her a porsche. Josh friend's don't trust Aika, however.

Aika meets all of Josh's roommates. Josh's friend, Joe, comes over and casts a lot of doubt on Aika's intentions.

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