Brian and Jackson Return To The Ellen Show

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One of the most touching stories from The Ellen Show over the past couple of years is that of the friendship between Brian and Jackson.

They duo have visited the show on multiple occasions and happen to be big Drew Brees fans like host Ellen DeGeneres. The two guys made another visit to the show and were joined by some pretty special guests.

DeGeneres gave fans and viewers a little recap of the friendship between the two and how Brees fit into the equation.

DeGeneres surprised Brian and Jackson by hosting them at the New Orleans Saints practice facility.

Upon taking the stage, DeGeneres pointed out that Brian has had a new development, however, before he chatted about his update, he wanted to congratulate DeGeneres on her Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Brian then revealed that he is starting to regain a little bit of control over his upper body. Both Brian and Jackson relived the recent game that the visited and though the Saints lost, they still managed to have a good time.

The two guys met with players and head coach, Sean Payton and were also able to take the field.

After some awesome footage of Brian, Jackson and Brees' family the guys and DeGeneres were able to chat with Brees and his wife.

You can watch the awesome video of Brian, Jackson and Drew Brees in The Ellen Show video below.

Brian and Jackson Return To The Ellen Show