'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' TLC Season 4 Episode 2: Mom Drops A Bombshell (Watch)

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Tonight was the second episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 4. The episode picks up after Whitney sees the results of her pregnancy test.

She waits for Buddy to return home, and surprisingly, Buddy apologizes about the whole lease drama from the last episode. Whitney breaks the pregnancy news to him, and he's not of much help.

Buddy does remind her that she wanted to have kids one day, and she's getting old.

In the next scene, Tal and Whitney are driving to the studio. She decides not to mention the pregnancy to him.

During the dance class, she tries to get her mind off the pregnancy. But she does have some good news: the troop has been asked to perform in a big festival.

The next day, Whitney goes to the KISS-FM radio offices to get started with her new gig. The DJs ask Whitney to enter the studio. The crew discusses tattoos, and Whitney takes off her shirt and shows everyone her tattoo.

LauRen quickly latches on to the possibility that she may be pregnant. Since LauRen took a pregnancy test live on the air, they want Whitney to take one too.

Whitney quickly changes the subject to getting caught by her mom while naked with her friend.

But the crew still has questions about whether Whitney is pregnant. Nevertheless, they move on and talk about an assignment they want Whitney to do.

Later, Whitney goes to see her parents. She discusses her lease issues with her dad. Her mom interrupts and asks to talk privately with Whitney.

Her mom starts asking her whether she's bisexual, which surprises her. Whitney insists that she's not bisexual. And suddenly, her mom drops a huge bombshell: she thinks she may be gay or bisexual.

Check out the clip:

Meanwhile, Buddy is concerned about his health and decides do some training with Tal. Tal takes him to hot yoga, and he has a lot of trouble with it.

Whitney calls Lenny and asks him to come over. Lenny arrives and Whitney breaks the news. Lenny is shocked -- he wants to see the test -- and then he asks if he's sure the baby is his.

Whitney says she's going to have the baby, and Lenny promises to be there for it. When Whitney realizes that Lenny isn't going to be upset, she feels much happier.

That's all for this episode. Looks like the planning begins next week...we'll find out what happens.

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