Ironic and Clever Art Examples

Irony is wonderful.

It is an unintended connection to the truth that separates itself from the obvious. It can be fairly clear that much of the artwork that grabs a majority of attention these past couple decades is of the clever and ironic.

One of the largest and most profound genres that has been able to take advantage of these elements is street art. No longer associated with simple graffiti, street art has taken on a seriously cool position in the art world.

This was done by a few all-star artists of the genre, most importantly, Bansky. He tops the clever and ironic pyramid for better or worse.

Not to harp on the most obvious artist or genre here, I also included other artworks by Glenn Jones, Brock Davis, and Terry Border.

All of these ironic artists have made tremendous strides as professionals. Terry for instance has greeting cards being made of his work and Glenn is selling quite alot of clothing.

I am occasionally pessimistic, often arguing against the way that things have progressed in art. However, this is one genre of art that I happen to love and support.

It started with Warhol, as most things have, and continues to be at the forefront of art in the U.S. Taking auction results out of the artistic equation (thank god), we can clearly see that these artists are making leaps and bounds amongst the masses.

They are truly relatable, and by that measure have conquered what I see as fine arts biggest problem. Not only do these artists make you laugh but they make you think.

I have heard the argument against art of this nature; that it is the continued dumbing-down of the minds in American culture. That the dignity of art continues to be removed when art of this nature enters the main stage. In turn, I say that this is one of the best things art can do right now.

By factoring in irony and cleverness, art can be understood and appreciated. Two elements that have been lacking amongst some of the heavy-hitters of the contemporary scene. Keep up the good work you clever bastards.