Jia Aili and paintings that display the changes in the Chinese society

Jia Aili is a Chinese artist from Beijing, considered one of the most promising emerging artists from China.

Aili's works display the fears of the young generations in losing traditions and ancient virtues in a world that is quickly evolving and his paintings represent the drastic changes in the Chinese society starting from 2000.

His vision is what comes after the cultural revolution, that saw a rapid economical expansion in which the traps of modernity win over ideologies.
Aili's aunt is the one that discovered his inclination for drawing and painting when he was still a kid and in front of such passion and talent, his family convinced him to study calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting.

Jia Aili's work seems to constantly search an answer to the question: 'what is (if it exists) an alternative to capitalism in an attempt to modernize China?'. The effort of finding a balance and coexistence of cultures and traditions nowadays represents the main point of poetry by Jia Aili.

His works are charged with incredible emotions that perfectly reflect the human condition and the vulnerability of a person that has to face everyday the frenetic modern society.