Brother Husbands' Amanda Liston: All About The Wife Of The Family

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Tonight on TLC, a new special is premiering, and it's bound to get some attention. The show, called Brother Husbands, revolves around a woman and the two guys that she's married to.

The Brother Husbands family, Amanda Liston, Chad Ferris, and Jeremy Johnston, is nothing like the family you've grown to love in Sister Wives. Unlike the Browns, who are a polygamous family because of their conservative Mormon values, the new Brother Husbands family is a millennial, liberal, and non-religious group.

The Brother Husbands are not together for religious reasons -- they're together because that's the relationship they chose.

According to a comment made by Chad Ferris, he and Jeremy Johnston aren't brother husbands, since they don't sleep together. They each sleep with Amanda Liston separately.

Brother Husbands' Amanda Liston

Amanda Liston is the matriarch of the family.

You may recognize her because she's been a reality TV fixture for nearly a decade.

According to Ashley's Reality Roundup, she and first husband Chad Ferris actually got married on an MTV show in 2007 called Engaged and Underage. The show featured the hipster millennial couple.

Since then, Liston has appeared in TBS' King of the Nerds, in which a bunch of nerds compete to see who is the most nerdy. You can watch her here:

Amanda Liston is very much a hipster millennial. She describes herself as a "book blogger." She also does cosplay and makes clothing for "fellow fangirls and fanboys." And according to her Twitter, she's a paralegal.

She is a huge fan of catwoman. Reportedly, Amanda was an excellent student in high school and participated in academic decathalons.

Her store name is "TheBookish Box," and it sells literary themed items. You can see what she sells at her Etsy store here.

Like all nerds, Amanda Liston likes sci-fi movies and books, and she loves Comic-Con. From her social media postings, it's clear that she was a Hillary Clinton supporter, and generally is a progressive.

Liston has 2 children with Ferris and 3 more with Jeremy Johnston.

A photo posted by Amanda Liston (@amanduhduh) on

Liston said in an interview from 2015 that she was teased a lot when she was young for her interests. She has felt better about that more recently, especially since she went on King of the Nerds.

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