Teen Titans GO! To The Movies Gets A Blu-ray Release Date And More Details

Warner Bros has now released details and a release date for the Blu-ray and Digital HD release of Teen Titans GO! to the Movies. The movie was well received by critics and most fans when it came out last July.

As always, the digital HD version of Teen Titans GO! to the Movies will be out first. You can own the movie on multiple digital formats starting from October 9th, 2018.

If you prefer physical formats such as DVD and Blu-ray, the movie can be yours to own on October 30th, 2018. A Blu-ray combo pack will retail for $35.99 while the DVD will be priced at $28.98.


“Teen Titans GO! to the Movies” Blu-ray Combo Pack contains the following special features:

  • Lil Yachty Music Video: “Teen Titans GO! Rap”
  • Sing-a-long with Silkie “DC Super Hero Girls: The Late Batsby” Mini-Movie
  • Red Carpet Mayhem
  • Teen Titans GO! To the Movies: WB Lot Shenanigans
  • “Everything is Fake”: Exclusive song not in the movie
  • "Teen Titans GO!: Translated”
  • Storyboard Animatics:
  • Storyboard Animatics: Time Cycles
  • The Final Battle 

“Teen Titans GO! to the Movies” Standard Definition DVD contains the following special features:

  • Storyboard Animatics: Time Cycles
  • The Final Battle

Teen Titans GO! To The Movies received a very healthy 90 percent rating over on Rotten Tomatoes from critics. The audience score is still favorable with a rating of 72 percent.

The success of the movie could spawn a revival of the original Teen Titans series which ran from 2003 and ended in 2006. Fans are hoping the show returns since the series did not end with a proper conclusion.

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Warner Bros.