Hot Toys Reveals King Shark Figure From The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad has been making a splash in cinemas ever since the movie came out last Friday. One of the reasons people like the movie is because of King Shark voiced by Sylvester Stallone.

To capitalize on King Shark's newfound popularity, the character from The Suicide Squad is getting his first Hot Toys figurine. His real name is Nanaue although King Shark is easier to remember.

The movie accurate figurine stands over 13.98" tall and he looks realistic. You can read the features of the toy from the press release below.

"This movie-accurate collectible figure stands approximately 13.98" tall, and features a semi-articulated body with movement in the arms, wrists, and waist. This beautifully sculpted and painted figure captures all the minute details and varied textures of Nanaue's rough skin, and is supplied complete with two swap-out hands for additional posing and display options, as well as a pair of specially tailored pants and King Shark's book. "

  • Authentic and ultra-detailed likeness of King Shark in The Suicide Squad
  • Crafted from vinyl material to replicate King Shark's rough skin texture
  • Skillfully painted 
  • Approximately 35.5cm (13.98") tall 
  • Power Pose with five points of articulation including arms, wrists, and waist
  • Four interchangeable hands for display and posing options
  • Tailored pants 
  • One book

The toy is now available to pre-order from The Suicide Squad is out now in cinemas and streaming on HBO Max.

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