Marvel Releases Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 Featuring Spiderman

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Just when you thought the first Captain America: Civil War trailer was epic, Marvel punches you in the face with more excitement.

The new Captain America: Civil War trailer features your friendly neighborhood Spider, that's right folks, Spiderman will appear in Captain America: Civil War.

As the trailer features some pretty big action fans were probably not prepared for what came at the end of the trailer. Quite frankly it's one of the best surprises to come from the Marvel universe in some time.

There will be appearances by Ant Man and Black Panther but Spiderman would have to be one that many wouldn't have seen coming.

The film looks to really up the ante when it comes to the fight scenes and Captain America and Iron Man will learn where they stand with each other.

The battle of superheroes isn't celebrated. We'd rather see them kick the butts of the bad guys together, however, this film is going to be a complete game changer and might be Marvel's big middle finger to DC who is getting ready to release their Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice film that has a similar premise to this one. You can check out the new Captain America: Civil War trailer two below and watch out for Spiderman at the end.

Watch the Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 Featuring Spiderman

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