This Classical 'Juju On That Beat' Is Hilarious

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YouTuber nigahiga managed to create a classical version of the hit song "Juju On That Beat" and it was extremely hilarious, down to the dance moves and how they are portrayed in the video.

The video was pretty strange as it started out with the YouTuber magically making his beard disappear (via editing of course).

He later on gave his best shot at impersonating famous characters from the hit anime show, Dragon Ball Z, all of which were pretty incredible, especially his Master Roshi version.

It appeared to be a full question and answer video, where Ryan completed a bunch of challenges posed to him from comments from a previous video.

It isn't until the 3:50 mark of the video that you get a taste of this classical take on "Juju On That Beat."

Our personal favorite part had to be the "running man on that beat" portion of the remix. The video has earned him over 3.6 million views at the time of this article's publishing.

Don't worry, there is a motivational section at the end where Ryan urges us all to be yourself no matter what anyone says. You can watch the entire video or from the 3:50 mark below.

This Classical 'Juju On That Beat' Is Hilarious