Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 1 Adult Swim: #26 Recap and Review

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It has been a long time since the first season of Attack on Titan ended, but the makers of the hit series decided to create a second series, which originally aired in Japan at the beginning of April.

Here in the United States, the first episode of second season aired tonight.

And it was quite an interesting episode. You may remember that the last episode of the first season, which aired in 2014, ended with Annie being caught as the female Titan, and being taken away by the scout regiment.

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of season two begins with Annie being taken into custody. She is covered with the tarp and taken away on a horse.

But just as she is taken away, a new Titan is found embedded in the wall. Pastor Nick appears, and says "whatever you do don't let sunlight touch it."

For some reason Nick will not explain how he knows about the Titans in the walls.

Hange hangs them over the edge of the wall threatening to drop him, but he won't answer - he only says that he's doing his duty, and he wishes to fall asking the Lord for release.

A man on horseback arrives to tell commander when that Wall Rose was breached. We enter a flashback:

In the flashback, we see the soldiers in training sitting around, bored. Sasha hears footsteps, and they realize that the Titans have arrived.

Everybody gets on a horse, and they all go out to evacuate all the homes in the area. Conny realizes that hi village has probably already been attacked.

Suddenly, the Titans begin to accelerate and chase the soldiers on horseback.

Miche turns around and begins to fight them with only his hand weapons.

Miche is able to defeat several of the Titans but he sees a massive abnormal Titan that's covered in fur - the first time he's seen any Titan covered in fur.

The fur covered Titan throws a horse at Miche. He falls into the mouth of another Titan, who begins to try to eat him; however, the furry Titan stops him.

The furry Titan starts talking to Miche, saying "May I ask what you call that strange weapon of yours?" Miche is unable to respond.

The Titan tries to communicate with him more, but Miche just gasps. The Titan takes his weapons and walks off - leaving only his sword.

But before Miche can do anything, the furry Titan tells the other Titans that they are welcome to go ahead and eat Miche. He dies a gruesome death.

Back within the walls, we encounter Eren. After having a short flashback, he awakens and sees Mikasa who was sitting next to him. Armin bursts in and lets them know that wall Rose has been broken.

That's the end of this episode. We'll see next week why the Titans were in the walls to begin with.

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