Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer 3 Shoots Out

Funimation has now released the third trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

The new trailer shows us more of the big fights that we can expect to see when the movie releases in Japan this December and in the West in January 2019.

One of the more interesting things about today's trailer is the fact that Vegeta turns into the red Super Saiyan God form.

To my knowledge, this is the first time that Vegeta will be using this form which only Goku achieved a few times in the Dragon Ball Super anime.

Both Goku and Vegeta still turn into the more traditional Super Saiyan Blue forms (SSGSS), although they may have to find a new type of power in order to be strong enough to beat Broly.

Many people are hoping we should see an appearance of Gogeta!

Another interesting thing about today's trailer is that it also teases a fight between Whis and Broly.

This will be interesting since Whis' power level is supposed to be much more powerful compared to Beerus and other god-beings that exist in the Dragon Ball Super universe.

Goku, Vegeta and Whis are not the only ones that will be fighting Broly in this new movie. Frieza is also another fighter that wants to take down the strong Saiyan.

Anyway, you can watch the English sub version of the trailer below as posted by IGN. The movie will also have an English dub if you want to hear the North American voice actors.

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