10 OMG Moments That Happen In Avengers: Endgame - Spoilers

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Avengers: Endgame is out worldwide and a lot of shocking things happen in the movie. This is just a small list of things that made me gasp while watching this epic movie.

Bear in mind, huge spoilers for the film will be discussed in this article.

If you do not want to know any details, click away and read something else instead. This is not a top 10 list either, it's just shocking moments in the film.

Thanos dies early: One of the most shocking things to happen in the first 20 minutes or so of the movie is that the current day version of Thanos is killed pretty quickly.

Once Captain Marvel arrives on Earth, the Avengers go to the planet where Thanos is hiding to try and use the Infinity Stones.

Once it's revealed he destroyed the stones, and enraged Thanos kills him easily! A 2014 version of Thanos is then used at the end of the film.

Ant-Man escapes: Ant-Man escapes the Quantum Realm thanks to a rat running around that triggers a switch. If it wasn't for the rat, Ant-Man would have never returned back to the present!

Thor is fat: After a five year gap, the Avengers are moving on from their lives living peacefully without Thanos.

While some characters have moved on, Thor is still depressed and is now very fat! It's very funny and he remains fat for the entire movie.

Captain America vs Captain America: After travelling to 2012 to get the Infinity Stones, the current day Captain America gets in a fight with his 2012 self.

The fight is excellent and it's cool to see the characters interact with one another. Despite being evenly matched, the current day version prevails.

Captain America is worthy: One of my favorite moments of the entire film is that it's revealed that Captain America can wield Thor's hammer called Mjolnir.

Aside from Thor, Captain America is only the second ever character to carry the mighty hammer.

Tony Stark meets Howard Stark: Another great moment in the film is Tony Stark getting to meet his father Howard Stark in the year 1970.

Howard Stark does not know it's his future son and Tony pretends his name is Howard Potts. The two get along really well and it's nice to see Tony Stark meet his dad for the final time.

Falcon is the new Captain America: Steve Rogers decides to leave the present in order to live in the past. As he grows older, he passes the torch to Sam Wilson to become the new Captain America.

Bucky on the other hand stays as Winter Soldier for the time being. We might see more of Falcon and Bucky in their new Disney+ TV series.

Korg is alive: I was worried Korg and Valkyrie died because none of them featured in Avengers: Infinity War. Thankfully it's revealed they survived and are living in "New Asgard". Korg spends his days playing Fortnite all day!

Black Widow dies: This might be my most shocking moment of the entire movie.

I thought Black Widow would have survived since a solo movie is in production. Alas, she dies getting the Soul Stone allowing Hawkeye to live on with his revived family

Iron Man dies: This put a tear to my eye, but it's great Iron Man managed to save the universe one last time by erasing Thanos and his invading army.

Robert Downey Jr's contract is up to it is to be expected this to be his final outing. It might be sad, but it was a fitting end to the character.

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