The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 Review/Recap: 'True Colors'

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The last two episodes of The Flash have been kind of weird with Barry Allen stuck in prison without using much of his powers.

Well the episode 'True Colors' kind of get things back on track as the main story gets into full gear again.

The most important thing to highlight first is the fact that Ralph Dibny has discovers a very helpful new power.

For some reason or another, he can now shape-shift to make himself look like other people. This becomes very important later on in the episode.

Anyway, Barry Allen has been captured by Warden Wolfe who intends to sell him off to Amunet Black. Barry Allen is not the only metahuman up for sale as past Flash villains are in prison as well.

These characters include Mina Chayton, Becky Sharpe, Ramsey Deacon and the most recent prisoner Sylbert Rundine. As you might know already, all of these characters are ones specifically targeted by The Thinker.

However, Barry and the rest of the prisoners cannot use their powers to simply break out. Not to mention the rest of the prisoners don't even know that Barry is actually The Flash.

That being said, Barry uses his smart skills to actually break everyone out. Despite these guys being criminals, he does not want Amunet Black to get a hold of their powers because National City would be in even more danger.

Cecile's telepathic powers come in handy in this episode because she and Iris go to Iron Heights to talk to Barry but the real Warden Wolfe tells them he's not there.

Cecile knows he's lying, but she cannot confront him about it yet.

After that, Team Flash actually finds out about Dibny's new powers and they come up with a plan.

They're hoping Dibny can use his powers to mimic Warden Wolfe so that they know the whereabouts of Barry and the rest of the prisoners.

The comedy involving Dibny in this week's episode was actually fine in 'True Colors'. It was not the cringe worthy campy type of humor that we received two weeks ago.

The funniest part of this episode is when Dibny tries to mimic Wolfe and meets up with Amunet Black. Dibny does a convincing job of copying Wolfe, although his plan fails because his face starts to turn gloopy.

Because of that error, Amunet Black is on the warpath. The real Wolfe is in a pickle of his own because he finds out Barry and the others have escaped.

The only scenes this week that seemed like a waste of time was Dibny doubting his abilities again. We went through the same thing already in the previous episode where Dibny was too scared to go into a mission.

Well thankfully Killer Frost manages to convince him to stay in Team Flash and not be a coward.

I just thought this was kind of a waste of time because Dibny had the same type of lecture from Barry Allen two weeks ago...

Elsewhere, the interactions between Barry and the rest of the prisoners are comical. Barry tries his best to be the "good guy" while even Becky Sharpe is trying her best to be noble as well.

The other three prisoners however are not as forgiving. That said, everyone still doesn't have their powers restored unless they fully escape the facility.

Eventually Barry and the rest of the prisoners are able to escape, although they don't get that far because Warden Wolfe and a couple of guards greet them.

Barry is unable to use his Flash powers because Wolfe shoots a bracelet on his ankle that prevents him from using his speed. Wolfe then tells the other inmates that Barry Allen is The Flash.

However, Becky decides to use her own powers to protect Barry as she sees how good he really is. Her "good luck" is able to knock out all of the other prisoners.

Amunet Black arrives, although even she is taken down by Becky's luck powers. Amunet Black decides to flee the scene before The Thinker arrives.

Barry is still powerless and The Thinker steals the powers of the rest of the prisoners. He tries his best to save Becky but he's too late.

For a very odd reason, The Thinker decides to get out of his current Dominic Lance body and steals the body of Becky instead. In other words, Clifford DeVoe is now inside the body of a petite little woman!

I think Clifford DeVoe also kills Warden Wolfe to hide everything that has happened here. The Thinker runs free yet again, but his story is far from over.

The Thinker leaves Barry alone while Caitlin and Cisco arrive.

They want to get Barry out of prison, but Barry urges them to only get him out legally. Barry then goes back to his old prison cell and the guards don't notice anything has changed.

The most interesting thing happens at the end of the episode where the judge is listening to another appeal to Barry's murder charge. Cecile comes up with a brilliant plan to clear Barry's name once and for all.

Dibny's shape-shifting abilities come in handy as he comes to the courtroom hearing mimicking the original body of Clifford DeVoe. The judge is dumbfounded to see Clifford "alive and well".

Dibny uses this Clifford body to lie to the judge and says he heard a voice of someone getting "framed". He says he was stabbed, but came back alive to wake in his own bedroom.

The judge is super confused, but Cecile says National City is a place full of crazy things. The judge then legally clears Barry's name and he's free to get out of prison!

I have been up and down towards my feelings to Dibny, but I must say he was super useful in today's episode. His new shape-shifting abilities can come in handy for the rest of Season 4.

The real Clifford DeVoe is still inside the body of Becky and his wife Marlize is not liking the physical changes. Clifford spikes her drink that forces her to love him and the episode ends like that.

Today's episode is an improvement over the last few weeks, although some of the Dibny stuff could have been cut out aside from the important parts.

It's also interesting to see The Thinker is now inside the body of a female.

I have a feeling Marlize might become a good person later on in the season because it looks like she does not like the new Clifford DeVoe.

For now, Barry is free so Team Flash will have to find a way to finally apprehend the real DeVoe once and for all.

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