'A Quiet Place' Has A Loud Box Office Weekend Opening

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A Quiet Place did not have a silent opening this weekend at the Box Office as the thriller managed to over-exceed expectations. The well received movie had one of the best openings in April this weekend. 

As reported by Box Office Pro, A Quiet Place starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski managed to open with an impressive $50 million this weekend.

The film was expected to open in the $30 million range before, but positive word of mouth managed to make the film explode.

The film currently has an impressive 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes meaning reviews are great across the board. The film's opening is also a win for Paramount Pictures who has struggled as of late launching new franchises. 

A Quiet Place was not the only new release out this weekend because Universal Pictures launched its funny comedy called 'Blockers'. The comedy that stars wrestler John Cena opened to a very healthy $21.4 million this weekend. 

Much like A Quiet Place, Blockers also has a great rating on Rotten Tomatoeswith a score of 82 percent. However the audience score could affect its long term value as movie goers scored it only at 56 percent. 

In terms of high budget blockbusters, Ready Player One had a healthy second weekend grossing over $391 million worldwide already. It's the highest grossing Steven Spielberg movie since the fourth Indiana Jones movie came out in 2008. 

As for Black Panther, the Marvel film has become the third highest grossing movie in North America with a tally of $665 million.

It is now only behind the grosses of James Cameron's Avatar and Star Wars: The Force Awakens which grossed $760 million and $936 million respectively in North America.

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