Lego Reveals 501st Legion Clone Troopers Pack

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For many years now, Lego fans around the world have been requesting to buy a Lego 501st Battle Pack. Well now The Lego Group has listened to the fans because a new 501st Legion Battle Pack is releasing this August.

This new set is no ordinary Battle Pack because it includes more minifigures as well as two extra builds. The official set is called the 501st Legion™ Clone Troopers and it will retail for $29.99 in the United States.

The set is released on August 1st, 2020 and it comes with 285 pieces. The offiicial Star Wars website posted the features and you can read the details posted below.

  • The AT-RT Walker, with a new color scheme, posable legs, a stud shooter, attachment points for a blaster and electrobinoculars element
  • The BARC Speeder, featuring two stud shooters
  • Four LEGO minifigures: Three 501st Clone Troopers and a 501st Jet Trooper, plus two Battle Droid LEGO action figures.

If you love the Clone Wars TV show, this is the perfect set for you to get. It's great that this set now exists because fans have wanted this set to come out for many years now!

Will you be buying this 501st set when it releases later this year?

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