Hasbro Announces ROTJ Boba Fett The Vintage Collection

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Hasbro has announced today a new toy from its The Vintage Collection Star Wars range. This time, fans can get their hands on Boba Fett based on his appearance in Return of the Jedi.

Hasbro already announced a ROTJ Black Series Boba Fett, and now you can get a 3.75 inch version. This toy will go really well if you have the Vintage Collection Slave 1 set.

Hasbro announced the new toy over on its Hasbro Pulse Facebook page. You can read the full announcement and details posted down below.

Introducing the Star Wars The Vintage Collection Boba Fett figure, featuring premium detail and design inspired by Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

During Luke Skywalker’s daring rescue of Han Solo above the Sarlacc, Boba Fett tried to subdue the Jedi, but when Solo slammed a pole into the bounty hunter’s jetpack, Boba tumbled into the man-eating pit. With his customized Mandalorian armor, deadly weaponry, and silent demeanor, Boba Fett was one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy.

Available for pre-order starting tomorrow, 10/16/2020 at 1pm ET on Hasbro Pulse and most major retailers."

You should pre-order the toy soon to avoid missing out. Boba Fett is popular and is sure to be a sell out!

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