'Supergirl' Recap:'The Martian Chronicles,' Season 2 Episode 11

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Last week, CW's "Supergirl," had to save one of their own from a telepathic attack.

Now, the attack is much more physical and much more of a threat to the whole team. They're in for a tough fight in "The Martian Chronicles," the eleventh episode of the second season.

The White Martians have sent Armek to National City. His mission is to retrieve M'Gann and bring her back to Mars where she will be punished as a traitor.

Hank and Supergirl refuse to let that happen. They believe the safest bet is to lock down the DEO. However, the whole team is in for a rough time when they learn Armek is already in there in disguise.

Kara visits Mon-El at work to confront him about the conversation from the other night. She tells him that they're not a good match at the moment...or ever. Kara's 13th earth birthday is coming up and she's planned a big one. However, Alex is breaking tradition to go to a Bare Naked Ladies concert with Maggie. M'Gann goes to throw out the trash and runs into J'onn who has been following her around to protect her from the White Martian that's set to arrive soon.

Or right now. Supergirl saves them. The martian that was sent after her is her old bondmate. He give M'Gann two hours to come with him. If she doesn't he threaten to kill J'onn and Kara.

M'Gann tries to slip away but J'onn convinces her to take a chance on them to protect her. Maggie tells Alex to go speak with Kara since she's She changes into her DEO uniform just to apologizes which is suspicious but it turns out that the M'Gann that J'onn collected from the bar is really the phony.

It comes to light when the real M'Gann arrives. J'onn and Armek get into a tussle before he vanishes. J'onn locks the building down.

Tensions are high as the group tries to determine who the white martian is. J'onn remembers an old technique from the war where they made new resistance recruits hold there hand up to a flame. The flame reveals the Martian under the skin, It turns out that the Martian was masquerading as Winn.

He's able to slip away but no one asks where the real Winn is. The warning bell sounds to alert them that the reactor is reaching critical. If it explodes they'll all die and everyone in a few block radius.

While they search for Winn, Alex and Kara take a moment to hash out their feelings. J'onn and M'gann do the exact same thing. It's okay guys, it's not like you're on a time sensitive mission or anything.

However, after the little heart to heart, they find Winn stuck to the ceiling. Further down the hallway, they find Alex trapped in the same way. There are two white martians and one got the drop on Supergirl.

Hank wakes Winn up. He needs to be at the reactor in order to disable it. Kara and the Alex Martian are duking it out in front of the core.

Armek attacks J'onn the moment they reach the core. M'gann arrives just in time for her a little team up action. Kara is able to knock her opponent out and M'gann kills Armek before he can crush J'onn.

Alex goes to inform Maggie about what happened. Kara gives Winn her blessings to go fight with James. M'gann informs J'onn that she's going back to Mars in hopes that there are other White Martians like her. Alex brings Kara a cupcake to make up for not being there.

She also believes that Kara is deflecting from her problems with Mon-El and encourages her to take a shot with him. J'onn and M'gann say goodbye and he refers to her as Miss.

Martian. Kara goes into work the next day to find "Mike" heading out for a lunch date.

"The Martian Chronicles" was an exciting new episode of "Supergirl." It really dug into both the Martians' pasts and it was nice to see their relationship grow more positive as they continue to be there for each other.

Continue watching Mondays at 8pm or if you miss it, watch the new episode here.

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