Wiz Khalifa Smokes Weed on Live TV Because He Can

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Wiz Khalifa joined the star studded finale of the Chelsea Handler show to wish the host a goodbye.

The group include Julia Roberts, Johnny Knoxville, 50 Cent and Dave Grohl (just to name a few). Wiz can be seen in the crowd sporting some sweet white sunglasses, and oh, a cloud of smoke.

Sarah Silverman may have made news for bringing a vape pen to the Emmys, but Wiz actually smoked a joint live on the air. The camera largely stayed off of Wiz probably because of this very reason.

But the best part of this story is that amongst the Hollywood glitter that filled the room, Wiz is smoking a joint not more than 10 feet from them.

Wize recently made big news recently by having his album Blacc Hollywood land #1 on the charts for the first time in his career. So how do you celebrate such a thing? Light up on network TV of course.

So how can you tell it's a joint? Well, it's Wiz Khalifa. And he probably used his own rolling papers.

See the video here.