Rumor: First Aquaman Trailer Could Dive As Early As This March

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2018 will relatively be a quite year for the DCEU as only one film is expected to be released this year.

Even though it's only one film, there are high hopes that Aquaman can still be a runaway success like Wonder Woman was when that movie came out last Summer.

It was reported just a few days ago that an early screening of Aquaman took place and the reception for the rough cut of the film has been positive so far.

Now fans are eagerly awaiting when the first trailer will dive online for the public to see.

Well according to a new rumored report from Revenge of the Fans, the first trailer for the Aquaman movie could be released very soon.

The report suggests the film trailer could be released during Warner Bros' own panel at Wondercon this March.

Wondercon happens on March 23rd until March 25th and the trailer is to be revealed first to attendees of the panel. After that, it's more than likely the trailer should drop online shortly after the panel has finished. 

That being said, this is just a rumor for now as Warner Bros has yet to make an official announcement about this.

However, Warner Bros would want to market the film very soon in order to please fans that were upset with last year's Justice League film.

Even though Justice League didn't meet expectations, a good thing that most people can agree on is that Jason Momoa played a cool version of Aquaman.

It's expected he will be able to carry the standalone movie by himself in what is described to be an emotional and action packed film.

2019 will see even more DCEU released as currently in the pipeline are Shazam and Wonder Woman 2. Many other DC films are also in production, although they have yet to have a definite release window. 

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