Tyler Posey's Twitter And Instagram Teases The 5Gum Truth Or Dare Challenge With Dylan Sprayberry

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MTV's "Teen Wolf" lead actor Tyler Posey has been busy with the 5Gum "Truth or Dare Challenge" and it looks like Dylan Sprayberry is joining in on the fun.

Posey and Sprayberry used their Twitter account to retweet a teaser photo of the two wearing helmets and sitting high on a couple of mini trikes.

The caption of the photo read, "@MTV Here's another clue of what @DSprayberry & @tylergposey did for #5TruthorDare! See it next week! #sp."

Posey went even further to share an Instagram image of him covered in fur holding a fake raccoon. His caption read, "Things got a little hairy with @MTV and the #5TruthorDare Challenge.

Can't wait for you to see what @dylansprayberry dared me to do. #DareTeenWolf #$"

It looks like the two wolf pack members had plenty of fun doing the challenge which is scheduled to been released to the public sometime this week.

Sprayberry is the newest member of the pack as he plays Liam Dunbar on "Teen Wolf." Liam is Scott's Beta wolf on the show and the two look to have done some bonding as the show ended it's fourth season.

Posey has been one of the stars who continuously updates his social media and constantly giving fans a sneak peek into his life and much of the charity work he has been involved in.