Watch Jordan Peele's Hilarious 'Get Out' Spoof Starring Ivanka Trump

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Jordan Peele today released a new video with Funny or Die that is a new take on his hit movie "Get Out," and it's hilarious.

The video is produced in conjunction with Funny Or Die, a site known for its spoofs, including Between Two Ferns with Zach Galafinakis.

Get Out (Of the White House) is a spoof of a movie trailer.

It stars many of the characters you know from the Trump administration, as well as several famous people who have been associated with Trump. And it contains scenes from the real Get Out, which was released in February.

The plot of the trailer is that a young black man is being brought home by Ivanka Trump to meet her parents, who of course, are Donald and (stepmother) Melania Trump.

The video mixes in video of Ivanka Trump, so it appears that Trump is speaking about her black boyfriend.

There are many well known clips of Trump in the film, including the one in which he talks about wanting to date his daughter,l and the one in which Trump says he's the least racist person you've ever seen.

Interspersed with that is a clip of Ivanka laughing in response.

There is an obligatory Yeezus portion, and a clip of Melania Trump saying that the President didn't insult Mexicans -- and he approves of some Muslims -- just some.

Jordan Peele was the writer and producer of Get Out, which opened recently in theaters.

He is also one of the two stars of the hit comedy show Key and Peele. Peele has also appeared on other shows, including MadTV, and multiple Cartoon Network Adult Swim shows.

You can watch other Funny Or Die videos on their website. Currently, they are featuring a hilarious video of George W. Bush offering a message, and a climate change-friendly swimsuit competition.

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