CM Punk Might Be Back In A WWE Talk Show For Fox

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As most wrestling fans know, CM Punk left WWE back in 2014 and it was not a graceful exit. Many people thought CM Punk would never return in WWE ever again as the two sides hated one another.

Well now CM Punk might be back in WWE via a talk show that is being hosted by the Fox network.

CM Punk confirmed in an interview with Collider (via Wrestling Inc) that he indeed did audition to be a part of a WWE talk show on Fox.

Punk just mentioned he has been talking with Fox executives only and has not had any contact with WWE officials at the moment. Punk says he is open to anything he claims, but he's not ready to wrestle just yet.

It sounds like Renee Young will be the only WWE personality that Punk will be interacting with since she will be a co-host.

The show will be showcasing highlights from Friday Night Smackdown and it will try to mimic a legit sports show.

As of right now, WWE officials have not reached out to Punk so this agreement is strictly just Punk and Fox executives.

It will be interesting to see if WWE and Punk can bury the hatchet so Punk can come back for one more match.

Anyway, we just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully Punk considered wrestling for one more time since he did not retire in a nice way

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