Hot Toys Announces Several New Star Wars Figures

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With May 4th happening this week, Hot Toys made the appropriate decision to announce several new figures joining its range of Star Wars figures. The new figures announced and revealed are from The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch TV shows.

The first figure announced is a re-release of The Mandalorian himself.

This is his original dirty armor that he wore before he got the Beskar outfit. This is a chance for fans to get him if you missed him out originally.

You can also get him in a two-pack that also includes the Blurrg animal.

This is the animal that Kuiil and The Mandalorian rode on in episode 2. You can also get a Hot Toys figure of Kuiil in the near future too.

Another figure from The Mandalorian is Grogu by himself. This version of the toy also includes a Loth-Cat.

Lastly from The Mandalorian is a new figure of a Stormtrooper Commander. You may have seen him in the episodes of the show too.

Joining them are many toys from the newly released The Bad Batch cartoon. The first figure revealed is Echo who was the last member to join the gang in The Clone Wars.

The other The Bad Batch toy you can get in the near future is Hunter who is the leader. There are bound to be more announcements for even more toys as we head further into 2021.

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