'Arrow' Recap: "Invasion!" Season 5, Episode 8

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The superhero event continues on the CW's "Arrow." Half our team's been captured by aliens and the other half works to get them back in "Invasion," the fifth episode of the eighth season.

Oliver finds himself leaving a lot from where he never got on the Queen's Gambit. He finds that Robert and Moira Queen are still alive.

Laurel's alive as well and they're engaged. But it's too good to be true and Oliver starts to notice inconsistencies. Felicity brings in the recruits to help with a new threat alongside Supergirl and The Flash.

Oliver comes back from his run to his fiancee, Laurel. Felicity shows Cisco to the Arrow Cave to speak with the recruits. They'll need their help in getting the gang back from the aliens.

Cisco vibes and sees them lying in pods on a ship. He and his father are walking in an alley at night and a guy tries to mug them.

Oliver steps up to protect his father. The Green Arrow shows up before anything can happen and takes the mugger away.

The Queens decide it's best to keep the mugging from Moira. Oliver, however, isn't listening because he's starting to see flashes of reality. Laurel comes in and he sees her in the hospital gown. a After hacking the ship, Felicity decides that his is too much for the recruits to handle so she calls in reinforcements. Oliver visits Lance at the station to ask if he has figured out who the guy in the hood is yet.

Lance gets suspicious and believes he's just getting cold feet. Before he leaves, Oliver gets a flash of the hideout location. Laurel is worried that Oliver won't show to the party but Sara assures her he will be.

Ray introduces himself and they share a few flashes of reality. Oliver has found the hideout. Felicity is still at the computers and it's Diggle under the hood.

Oliver gets flashes of the true Diggle and Felicity. He angers Diggle when he tells him he thinks he killed Andy. Curtis actually enjoyed getting a ride from to the location from the Flash. Supergirl pushes Wild Dog over the edge. He's had enough of all the metas and aliens because he believes they're attracting all the bad. He rushes off without them and gets ambushed.

While showing off her bridesmaids dress to her mom Oliver goes to apologizes to Laurel. He wants to run off and elope. He feels like they won't be together for long.

Diggle bursts in. He's been getting visions too and he drew a really bad picture of the aliens. They realize that they're just being played. But that realization brings Slade into being.

Diggle gets some hits in and Oliver flounders. They're losing until Sara steps in, her assassin training jumping to the foreground. She defeats fake Slade. Diggle thinks the way out is the Queen Consolidated building they all keep seeing. Flash and Supergirl rescue Wild Dog, easily.

The girl has the chip they need implanted in her arm. Sara approaches Ray, who's engaged to Felicity, she wants him to think really hard. He remembers Anna and agrees to leave with them.

While speaking with his parents, Oliver realizes that this isn't his life. Thea knows but she doesn't want to leave. Oliver agrees to let her stay behind.

Before they can make it very far, Thea catches us with them. So do all their greatest foes including, Merlin, Darhk, Slade, and even Andy. Just as they defeat them, Laurel comes out. She pleads for Sara and Oliver to stay with her.

Sara gets to say goodbye and Oliver does again. At the Smoak building they find a very obvious portal.

Before he steps through, Oliver rehears important things from important people that were in his life...and Felicity.

Felicity gets their location from the information they hack. At the same moment, the others wake up and discover that they're in space.

While trying to escape, the group runs into some aliens. Luckily, Oliver managed to get his hands on a gun. They make it to the hanger. Thea figures out how to start the ship but no one knows how to stir. Or to attack, as a hoard of ships fly out after them. Just as they're about to get taken out by the alien hoard, the Waverider comes in and saves them.

Ray thinks that they were specifically chosen because none of them have powers. They wanted to probe their minds in order to get information. Ray remembers something that an alien said.

Their weapon is almost complete. Gideon tracks the ship. It's headed straight for earth.

"Invasion" celebrates the 100th episode of "Arrow." It was great to see the gang back together and a glimpse of what life could have been like. But that wouldn't be the show. Keep watching Wednesdays at 8pm or online.

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