Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 Review/Recap: Gohan vs Universe 10 Fighters

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Dragon Ball Super episode 103 focused mainly on Gohan. Gohan and Piccolo both have to face off against fighters from Universe 10.

The Tournament of Power is slowly losing more fighters and several of them get eliminated in today's episode. Can the pair of Gohan and Piccolo eliminate the Universe 10 fighters?

As seen in last week's episode, Android 17 eliminated a pair of fighters from Universe 2, and Universe 2 is not happy about it.

Ribrianne wants revenge on Android 17 while Goku is stuck still facing a fighter named Rozie. Goku is surprisingly having trouble against Rozie.

Rozie has an attack where she spams blasts everywhere and Goku is on the defensive. Goku then finds himself surrounded with nowhere else to go.

Android 17 abruptly stops his fight against Ribrianne and uses a force field to protect Goku. It's great to see Android 17 using some much needed teamwork.

Goku says he finally studied Rozie's technique and uses her own blasts against her. She is thrown to the other side of the arena, but is not eliminated.

Rozie and Ribrianne are on the defensive, but a Yardrat comes to take them away. He uses Instant Transmission to save his teammates. Goku and Android 17 let them go, although Beerus still hates the way that Goku fights.

Next up, Gohan and Piccolo see Botamo from Universe 6. Gohan wants to fight Botamo himself.

Goku comes and tells Piccolo that he taught Gohan how to defeat Botamo. Gohan keeps punching Botamo in his fat stomach and it looks like nothing is happening.

However, the continued punches lifts Botamo up in the air. His feet is off the ground and he cannot run away.

Gohan then kicks him and blasts a Kamehemeha. Botamo tries to catch Gohan off-guard but fails. Botamo from Universe 6 is then eliminated from the tournament!

We then find out that Universe 10 is only down to two fighters.

Gowasu doesn't seem too sad, although he's hoping the last two fighters from his Universe can take out Gohan and Piccolo. The green guy named Obuni faces Gohan while the red guy is named Rubalt and he faces Piccolo.

The fight between Piccolo and Rubalt does not last that very long. Piccolo pretty much eliminates him pretty easily. With this elimination, there is now only one more fighter left in Univese 10. Can Obuni survive to get out Gohan?

Obuni has a new technique that Whis explains that prevents his enemies from reading his movements. Gohan at first cannot seem to lay a hand on Obuni.

As Gohan is getting smacked around, he powers up and finally knows where to locate Obuni. The two fight valiantly, although Obuni is getting tired from using this technique too many times.

Gohan sees this opportunity and does a Kamehameha on Obuni. Obuni is then thrown out of the ring.

All of Universe 10's fighters have been eliminated. That means that Universe 10 and all of its citizens will be erased from existence by the Zen-Ohs!

Before they get erased, Gohan finds Obuni's locket on the ground. The locket shows that Obuni was fighting to protect his own wife and kid.

This resonates with Gohan because he too is fighting to protect Videl and Pan. Gohan feels sympathetic and somewhat angry that the Universes have to be erased.

The fact that Gohan has compassion for his fellow fighters shows how more humane he is compared to the likes of Goku and Vegeta. Gohan feels sorry for eliminating the other fighters and their Universes.

Most of the Universe 10 fighters accept their fate. They just lay their heads in shame without too much panic. The locket and everyone from Universe 10 are then erased...

From a storytelling standpoint, this is one of the best episodes I have seen from Dragon Ball Super in several weeks. This episode shows us that fighters like Gohan don't want to see the other fighters erased.

It will be interesting to see if there is a way the other Universes can be brought back. It all depends on which Universe ends up winning the Tournament of Power.

Next week sounds cool too. Universe 11 is again the focus and Goku has to team up with Hit.

Goku and Hit make a formidable team so it will be cool to see them fight alongside one another. Who do you want to see win the Tournament of Power?

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