Rotten Tomatoes Rating For Dunkirk Is Insanely High

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It looks like Christopher Nolan has yet again directed another film that is well liked by the critics.

The reviews for his latest film Dunkirk have now been coming in and the reception is overwhelmingly positive. It is one of the best reviewed films to be out this Summer.

By going to Rotten Tomatoes' website, you can see that Dunkirk has a rating of 96 percent with an average score of 9/10. This means lots of reviewers would have given it a 4.5 or 5 star rating.

Currently, 64 of the reviews have given the movie a thumbs up while only three of them didn't like it. The critical consensus can be seen below.

Dunkirk serves up emotionally satisfying spectacle, delivered by a writer-director in full command of his craft and brought to life by a gifted ensemble cast that honors the fact-based story.

Many reviewers say the movie is a visual treat as it offers a lot of action and is very tense.

It's a movie without much dialogue and character background as the attack on Dunkirk is the main focus of the film. Not to mention we can get to see the film from three different perspectives.

Nolan as a director has yet to make a film that is rotten.

All of his previous films as a director has been certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. The only films that are rotten are movies that he served as a producer or executive producer.

Interestingly enough, Nolan has yet to be nominated as a Best Director at the Academy Awards.

Since Dunkirk is based on events that happened at World War II, this might be his best chance to get nominated. The Academy loves usually loves to nominate films based on true events and stories...

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