'Too Close To Home' Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: A Family Affair

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Tonight was the second episode for Tyler Perry's Too Close to Home on TLC. This season has gotten off to a wild start, and it's about to get crazier.

The episode opens with Anna being approached by the unnamed guy from season 1 (we later find out he's Gary, a secret service agent). He has received a call from the President, who wants to talk with Anna. Anna doesn't want to talk to him.

He tells her in a threatening way that she needs to return to D.C. so that they can continue their relationship, but Anna refuses. Anna then throws the phone out the window and leaves.

Returning to the trailer, Anna sees Mac who gives her a hug and tries to console her. He then tells her that her daughter, Rebel, is being teased at school.

Rebel overhears the conversation and starts screaming at Anna. Rebel tells Mac that Anna and Bonnie were raped by their dad -- and Mac says he's after Rebel.

Separately, Octavia receives a call from Nelson, who is looking to speak with Regina.

Regina has been cheating, and when she's not around to answer the call, Octavia becomes suspicious. After a long, tedious monologue, Regina goes and accosts the neighbor.

In Brody's house, Dax and Victor argue; Victor begs Dax to stop deporting his family.

Valerie tries to calm Dax down, but in the process he confronts her about sleeping with the President. He says that she hates Anna because the President pushed her aside to be with Anna.

Dax runs out of the house but can't use his car because Brody won't move his tractor, so he leaves on foot. In the house, Brody's dad mistakes Valerie for someone named Sheba, whom it appears he was cheating with. On the street, he meets J.B. and asks him for a ride to the nearest hotel. J.B. realizes that Dax is gay and won't let him out of the car.

Later that night, Brody's dad tries to get into bed naked with Valerie, and she screams. Brody shows up and stops him.

Shelby and her boyfriend, Rick, meanwhile, are arguing about the money she stole. They make up, but her mom goes and yells at her. Shelby enters Bonnie's trailer and goes to the bathroom, where she finds the pregnancy test from last episode.

She questions Bonnie about it, but Bonnie says it's not hers. They believe that the test was Rebel's.

That's it for this episode. We'll find out what happens to Dax next week...

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