A List Of Other Great Movies You Should Watch From Taika Waititi

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Taika Waititi has made a name for himself in Hollywood now thanks to directing Thor: Ragnarok.

EmptyLighthouse's own Dean James wrote a glowing review for the movie already. However, the man made a start in the entertainment industry by directing much smaller films in his native country of New Zealand.

I live in New Zealand and have seen all of his previous movies.

His brand of comedy is unique since it's the type of humor that is familiar with us Kiwis. Here is a list of other movies that Taika Waititi has directed and all of them are worth watching.

Eagle vs Shark: This is the director's first feature length movie.

It is not a perfect movie mainly because Waititi was a rookie and the film had the lowest budget of his career.

That said, it's a funny romantic comedy mainly because it's about a cashier named Lily (Loren Horsley) who dates a video game store employee named Jarrod (Jemaine Clement).

I like this movie because it's different to all of the cliche romantic movies you see from Hollywood. There's no stereotypical jock or high school cheerleader in this movie.

Most of the characters are ordinary people from New Zealand. It's also a short film as it's only 88 minutes long, but Eagle vs Shark is still worth checking out.

Boy: Released in 2010, Boy is the film that made Taika Waititi a household name in New Zealand. This film is set in 1984 and is about an 11 year old boy named Alamein (James Rolleston).

Much like Eagle vs Shark, it's another comedy that is in Waititi's trademark style of humor.

The fact that it is set in the '80s makes it even better especially because the main character is a huge fan of Michael Jackson.

James Rolleston is able to make the audience laugh being the main star in the movie. There is a little bit of drama in this movie mainly because Alamein's father has been absent for most of his life.

Taika Waititi himself plays the father of the same name and uses the classic Maori New Zealand accent some people would have already heard in Thor: Ragnarok via the character of Korg.

The movie is funny thanks to the chemistry between Rolleston and Waititi.

What We Do In The Shadows: This is the film that started getting Waititi some international recognition. It's a mockumentary similar to the UK The Office show, although this time it focuses on a group of vampires living in the NZ city of Wellington.

You will probably love this movie since it's nothing like the Twilight movies. There's no boring romance in this movie as it's mostly about the vampires trying to live peacefully in the city.

Taika Waititi is again brilliant, although he is also joined by Jemaine Clement and Cori Gonzalez-Macuer. The cameo from Rhys Darby as a werewolf is also a highlight of this movie.

The film currently has a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes so this shows you that the movie can be enjoyed by everyone. You don't have to a Kiwi to understand its humor.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople: This is arguably Waititi's best movie and it also got some international recognition. The movie is about an orphan by the name of Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison).

He gets adopted by Hec (Sam Neill), but things don't go as planned.

The movie is like a comedy version of The Fugitive and is super funny. The police wrongly accuse Hec for kidnapping Baker and a chase occurs throughout the woods of rural New Zealand.

I urge you to try and watch this movie without watching the trailers. The trailers show some of the best jokes of the entire movie.

Not to mention it's super humorous to watch Sam Neill playing the grumpy old man. His demeanor contrasts perfectly with the energetic performance of Julian Dennison.

Honorable mention: Flight of the Conchords in not a movie, but Waititi directed two episodes of the TV show. The episodes he directed were "Drive By" from Season 1 and "New Zealand Town" from Season 2.

"Drive By" is awesome mainly because it delves on the topic of New Zealand's friendly rivalry with Australia. "New Zealand Town" is also enjoyable thanks to the addition of Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess) as a guest star.

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