CM Punk Returns To WWE Via The WWE Backstage TV Show

CM Punk left WWE in 2014 as he was upset on how he was booked and treated when he was an active wrestler.

Five years later, CM Punk is somewhat back in WWE as he appeared on the WWE Backstage TV Show.

WWE Backstage in an interview style talk show featuring highlights and guests from the WWE. The show is hosted by Renee Young and also features Booker T and Paige. The show currently airs on FS1 which is owned by FOX.

At the end of this week's show, CM Punk walked out on stage and he says he will be a recurring member of the WWE Backstage show from next week onward.

This is huge since Punk previously said in the past that he'd never have a working relationship with WWE ever again.

That being said, Punk has been hired by FOX and not WWE in this new agreement, although he still has to talk about the business he used to hate on a weekly basis now.

Whether or not Punk will ever appear on Raw or Smackdown again remains to be seen.

It's not expected that Punk will ever wrestle again, although stranger things have happened. After all, Goldberg wrestled in WWE again after a multi-year hiatus from the company.

Punk was approached by AEW, but it looks like he denied their offer.

Whatever FOX is paying him must be huge since everyone is surprised he's back in WWE. Anyway, you can look at his return in the video posted down below.

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