The Suicide Squad Box Office Weekend Underperforms

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The Suicide Squad has come out and has been getting great reviews from critics. However, it looks like its Box Office weekend underperformed compared to other 2021 releases.

As reported by Box Office Pro, The Suicide Squad earned $26.5 million over the weekend across 4,002 screens. It's the highest opening weekend for an R rated movie during this pandemic era.

Box Office analysts were expecting the film to have over $30 million during its opening weekend. It does not look like general audiences like the movie as much as critics because the Cinemascore for the film is a so-so B+.

In comparison, Suicide Squad 2016 opened with over $133 million in its opening weekend five years ago. Even though the film was badly received, it still earned a total of $746.8 million worldwide.

The Suicide Squad has a budget of over $185 million, so it's opening weekend does look disappointing. However, it's unfair to judge the film based on several criteria.

One reason the movie's opening could be so low is because the movie was available to stream at home on HBO Max. Unlike Disney+, new movies are available on the service for no extra cost.

Not to mention Covid-19 has not been eradicated yet, meaning some people chose to stay at home rather than go to the cinema. The R rating also prevented younger people from seeing the movie too.

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