Tokyo Ghoul Adult Swim Episode 3 Recap: Dove

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Tonight was the third episode of Tokyo Ghoul on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network.

In the last episode, Kaneki almost killed his best friend, Hide, but he was stopped and brought back to Anteiku by Yoshimura and Touka.

He ended that episode totally torn about where he fit in -- with ghouls or with humans, and he wasn't sure how he would proceed in life as a "half-breed."

This episode begins with Kaneki learning to make coffee with Yoshimura.

Yoshimura explains that Anteiku is a safe-haven for ghouls in the 20th ward of Tokyo. It's set up as a coffee shop so that the ghouls can study humans and learn to mimic them.

After talking to Yoshimura, Kaneki walks downstairs into the main area of Anteiku, and Hide is there.

Hide is under the impression that Touka saved both Kaneki and him from an accident. Touka explains to Kaneki that if Hide finds out anything about ghouls, he will be killed.

We are introduced to a new character, Hinami, a young girl who appears to be injured. She and her mother are taken up to Yoshimura. Kaneki asks who they are, but Touka won't answer anything.

The scene then switches to an operations center for CCG, where detectives are trying to track ghouls. A detective named Amon found a tool left by a ghoul from the 20th ward.

The tool appears to be medical. The detectives think that something big is brewing in the 20th ward. Amon is paired up with another guy named Mado to investigate.

In a back alley, Mado beats up a ghoul and starts to question him about the medical tool that they found.

Back at Anteiku, Kaneki is trying to learn to eat human food again. Yoshimura teaches Kaneki how to look like he's eating without doing so. He also gives Kaneki a hunger suppressant.

In the next scene, Kaneki goes with another ghoul named Yomo to find "food" for ghouls who can't feed themselves. They come to an area off a ledge, where people commit suicide.

They bag up the people to take back to Anteiku.

Once they return to Anteiku, Yoshimura asks Touka to take Kaneki to get a "mask." They are concerned for Kaneki's safety, because they found out about the two detectives -- Mado and Amon -- whom they call the "doves."

At the mask store, the mask maker, Uta, starts asking Kaneki lots of questions. Uta tells Kaneki that Touka is a hard worker who wants to be around people.

This makes Kaneki want to help her, especially with Hinami. Touka also explains the reason for the mask: the ghouls use them to hide their faces from the doves.

Again at Anteiku, Kaneki talks to Hinami, who asks him what he is, since he's not a human, and he doesn't seem like a ghoul. The two bond over books.

The episode ends with a man walking into Anteiku.

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