Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Review/Recap: Universe 2 Fighters Come Out To Play

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After several cool episodes in Dragon Ball Super, episode 102 dials back a little bit to give us a slightly comedic tone.

The first half of the episode was dedicated to a transformation phase before the real fighting began. As you can tell from the title, this week's episode focuses on the interesting female fighters from Universe 2.

The past few episodes focused on Caulifa and Kale, but they took a backseat this week. This episode mainly featured Brianne, Sanka and Su from Universe 2.

At the beginning of the episode, they get everyone's attention to showcase their transformation. They don't want anyone from the Tournament of Power to miss their showcase.

Surprisingly, almost everyone from the tournament stops what they are doing to look at them transform. Goku always wants to see fighters in their full capacity and even Vegeta is intrigued. The only person that stops the transformation is No.

17. He saw an opening and decided to blast at them. However, this attack backlashed on No. 17.

Goku and even Toppo chew No. 17 out for interrupting the transformation. They feel it's good sportsmanship to see the full potential of fighters.

The Universe 2 fighters have a grudge on No. 17 for interfering, but they manage to transform at the end. They now become Ribrianne, Kakunsa and Rozie and have different appearances.

Ribrianne is a chubby teletubby, Kakunsa is a blue feral character while Rozie is small and fast.

Several fighters love the appearance of the fighters, although Krillin said they were cuter in their normal forms. In either case, they are much more powerful while they are transformed.

The first attack they do is spray some pink love perfume all over the arena. This is supposed to affect the fighters, although not many fall for their tricks.

Master Roshi is lucky because his training has paid off.

If he didn't do his focus training, he would have fallen in love with the trio easily. Vegeta is the one to stop this attack and he tries to fight with Ribrianne.

Ribrianne turns into a wheel and attacks Vegeta. Vegeta seems to be affected by her ugly face and decides not to attack for some reason.

Ribrianne instead eliminates a member of Universe 10. Universe 10 seems to be dropping a lot of fighters and might be eliminated soon.

On the other side of the arena, Rozie is using her speed to fight Goku. Goku doesn't seem to be trying really hard as he can dodge most of her attacks.

He doesn't seem to fight back, but a blast does hit his face. He doesn't really do much in this episode as he still wants to fight Jiren instead.

The main fight was between No. 17 vs. Kakunsa. Kakunsa is feral like a wolf and she bites and strikes No.

17. She is able to get him really good as some of his clothes starts to rip off.

Beerus thinks No. 17 is in trouble, but he has a few tricks up his sleeve. After all, he doesn't have to worry about stamina.

No. 17 creates a forcefield that prevents Kakunsa from attacking.

He then pushes the forcefield to try and eliminate Kakunsa. Luckily for Kakunsa, she gets saved by her teammate named Vikal. Vikal has wings so is allowed to fly and help out her friend.

No. 17 then powers up and knocks Vikal out of the ring. With the winged character out of the way, it's easier now to eliminate Kakunsa. No. 17 creates a ball of energy and blasts Kakunsa out of the ring.

Goku is looking on and is very impressed. No. 17 did not showcase this technique before. Ribrianne is angry at No. 17 and wants revenge. That is how the episode ended.

Anyway, episode 102 of Dragon Ball Super was okay although the first half of it was nothing special.

Nothing really happened in the first half apart from the Universe 2 fighters transforming. Most of the other fighters didn't do much either as they were just standing around and looking.

Howver, you will love this episode if you are a fan of No. 17. No. 17 was the MVP this week by eliminating two fighters.

He did it all by himself since he requested No. 18 not to assist him.

The second half was good as it featured the action that we expect to see in Dragon Ball. Next week, Gohan and the others fight the remaining members of Universe 10!

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