Why The Disaster Artist Should Get Many 2018 Academy Award Nominations

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The Disaster Artist directed by James Franco is an amazing film that documents to the true events of the making of 'The Room'. The Room is often regarded to be the worst movie ever made in the history of cinema.

Since this movie stars James Franco, Dave Franco and Seth Rogen, I initially thought The Disaster Artist was an all-out comedy.

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of laughs here, but there are also some sympathetic and dramatic moments in this film too.

To be honest with you, I'm surprised with the number of emotions I felt watching this film.

I laughed, I cried and even got angry sometimes. The film also made me feel sorry for Tommy Wiseau who just had a dream of becoming big in Hollywood.

Since the 2018 Academy Award nominations will be announced next month, I'm hoping the members of the Academy give this movie the recognition it deserves.

Since it's based on a true story, this is the criteria that Academy voters usually love so there's a big chance of the film getting numerous awards.

One of the best things about the film is James Franco's performance as Tommy Wiseau himself. I've watched a lot of James Franco movies in the past and he's usually acted the same in most of his films.

Alas, Franco puts out one of the best performances of his life in this film.

He manages to copy Wiseau's voice, mannerisms and laughing habits perfectly. There were times I was watching the movie thinking I was watching the real Tommy Wiseau.

Dave Franco is also very good in this movie playing Greg Sestero who is Tommy's real life best friend. Due to the Francos being brothers, they naturally have perfect chemistry with one another on screen.

The direction in this film is also highly commendable. James Franco managed to cast actors that looked eerily similar to the real life people that worked on The Room.

Not to mention the film also recreates similar scenes and sets from The Room as well. You can do a side-by-side comparison between the two films and see the exact same lighting and camera shots.

The true story that is documented in The Disaster Artist is just wonderful. As aforementioned, I went into the film thinking I was going to watch a comedy but I came out after it with more reactions than just laughing.

What hit me the most about this film is the struggles of life. I know it's hard finding jobs these days since I left school at the height of the recession in 2007.

The real life Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero also had a hard time knocking on the door to become famous Hollywood actors.

Sestero was never given many good roles while casting agents ignored Wiseau most of the time due to his heavy accent.

There were moments in the film that hit close to home which I was not expecting. Sure The Room itself is still a terrible movie, but I admired the dedication Wiseau had to make his dream come true.

It all worked out in the end since people love The Room. It's regarded as one of the best worst movies ever made.

Anyway, the main categories I'm hoping The Disaster Artist gets nominated for are for Best Picture, Best Director (James Franco), Best Actor (James Franco) and Best Adapted Screenplay.

If by any chance anyone from the Academy ends up reading this article, I urge them to give The Disaster Artist a good go at the 2018 Academy Awards.

Any nomination will be great, but hopefully it can squeeze in a win too!

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