'All In' Wrestling Show Was Mostly A Success

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All In was on this evening and the event was a success for the independent wrestling scene. While most of the shows delivered on their promises, sadly the show had an abrupt end because they were going too long.

I did not have a chance to see the whole event, but the matches I saw blew me away.

You truly have to watch the event yourself to fully appreciate it because the in-ring action is far better than what people normally see from the WWE.

My personal favorite match of the night belonged to Cody vs Nick Aldis for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Billy Corgan had been hyping this match up for months on the NWA YouTube channel and the two wrestlers did not disappoint me.

Cody and Nick Aldis told a simple story with Cody being the underdog babyface up against the cocky champion. The story is believable since Cody is much smaller than Nick Aldis who has been the champion for several months now.

In the end though, Cody managed to reverse a pinfall attempt and to become the new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion for the very first time in his career.

I'm glad Cody won and hopefully he is able to defend the title more in the near future.

The other match I really liked was the ROH World Title match between Jay Lethal and Flip Gordon.

This is the first time I've seen Flip Gordon and I was impressed by this man's in-ring athleticism. He reminds me of a young AJ Styles as he can do lots of impressive acrobatics.

Jay Lethal paid homage to Randy Savage in the match and Flip Gordon pretended to be Hulk Hogan.

It was a great moment in a fast paced match that excited the crowd. Jay Lethal ended up retaining the title in what was my second favorite match I saw at All In.

The two matches that I feel went too long were Kenny Omega vs Penta El Zero and Kazuchika Okada vs Marty Scrull.

The former match dragged on a little bit because the two of them kept kicking out of their finishing moves. Not to mention they did a lot of scary bumps that could have ended up with a broken neck!

Thankfully, nobody got injured and Kenny Omega won the match. After the match ended though, Chris Jericho came from the crowd to beat him up. It looks like we will see a rematch between the two Canadians very soon!

Sadly, I felt Kazuchika Okada vs Marty Scrull went far too long as it was 26 minutes of back and forth action.

While the match itself was good, it affected the main event of the show because All In had to end at the stroke of 11:00pm EST.

This is a problem WWE no longer has to face since they ditched the traditional PPV format years ago in favor of using the WWE Network.

Okada won the match with a 'Rainmaker', but I feel this match could have been much shorter.

I was looking forward to the main event tag-team match the most, but the 11:00pm EST time limit loomed and it had to be cut short.

I know this is the first time Cody and The Young Bucks were directing their own wrestling show, but they should have cut the Okada/Scrull match shorter.

The Golden Elite (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, and Kota Ibushi) defeated Rey Mysterio, Rey Fénix, and Bandido in the main event which was entertaining, but got cut short too quickly.

Hopefully the six men are able to have a proper rematch without a time limit looming over their heads.

While I did not watch the entire All In show, I was impressed with what I saw. The matches were entertaining and the crowd seemed to have been vocal throughout the entire night.

Make sure to watch a replay if you can because this could be the best wrestling event of 2018.

Hopefully Cody and The Young Bucks are thinking of doing a similar show next year because All In was a success in my eyes.

They just have to make sure to keep an eye on the clock next time as the previous two matches went on for far too long.

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