Stan Lee Tweets Shout Out To Sci-Fi Film Competition Finalist

The legendary Stan Lee--the one and only man with a legacy as the co-creator of numerous Marvel superheroes--tweeted a shout out to Steven Illous, a filmmaker, finalist in the online PROTOYPE short film competition, and former staffer of his.

Lee (who is also known as "Generalissimo" from his guest-star appearance on SyFy channel's "Eureka") is without a doubt the authority on superhero creations. At Marvel studios, he can be credited with creating complex and flawed, naturalistic characters as the larger-than-life people saving imaginary worlds.

Lee used this character base to create The Fantastic Four, the Hulk, and Iron Man, among many others. A shout out from such a seasoned great speaks wonders for the hopeful finalist.

Early in his career, Ilous began working for Stan Lee Media as a scanner, where he quickly moved up in the ranks to become a Senior Animator.

Most recently, Illous is the director, producer and co-writer of the short film POLIS, a sci-fi epic surrounding a telepathic hero in a dystopian society. The original story was written by up-and-coming screenwriter Daniel Perea.

In a Q&A with Ilous and Perea from Escapist Magazine, Perea said (SPOILER): "I love the scene where David makes the scientist turn the gun on himself, and then decides to spare him.

It just says everything about David's character. It's what makes him the hero."

POLIS is one of eight finalists in PROTOTYPE eligible for a chance to be developed in to a feature film with New Regency Studios.

The winner will be decided on December 10, 2014, and I bet we can guess who Stan Lee is rooting for.

Watch the short film here: