Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 7 Recap and Review: XCVIII What Happens To The Sword?

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Tonight was the seventh episode of the final season of Samurai Jack on Adult Swim's Toonami.

This episode follows on last week's episode 6, which we reviewed and recapped here. Episode 6 ended with Ashi, one of the Daughters of Aku, finding Jack in a cemetery, where he was about to kill himself because he failed his mission.

Ashi saves him from ending his life by noting how many people Jack has helped. A struggle ensues between Jack and Ashi and the ghosts of Jack's elders, but Jack ultimately prevails and lives to continue his mission with Ashi.

So what happens in tonight's episode? Read on...

Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 7 Recap

This episode opens with a flashback of Samurai Jack on a mountain. He encounters a baby ram, who he thinks was abandoned. But as Jack walks, the ram starts following, and other baby rams begin following as well.

Suddenly, a wormhole appears, and as Jack tries to jump into it, Aku appears.

Aku stops him, destroys the wormhole, and tells Jack that it was the last one in existence (implying that he won't be able to return to the past).

This is the first time we see Aku and Samurai Jack encounter each other during this season.

Aku conjures angry bulls to fight Jack -- not robot bulls, but real ones -- and disappears. The scene is bloody as Jack kills them all.

Somehow, however, in the process, Jack appears to have killed one of the baby rams, and be he becomes nervous and guilt stricken. In his guilt stricken state, Jack loses his sword over a cliff.

We return to the present time, where it appears that Jack is telling Ashi the story of his sword. He explains that "I realize now that I did not lose the sort - the sword left me."

A bird takes Jack and Ashi to the mountain, where Jack sits to meditate. He imagines himself on a quest, floating across the sea on a raft. He comes to the horizon peddles himself right into the sun.

He continues to paddle through darkness until he reaches a house, where an old man resembling Buddha stands. He asks Jack whether he is lost in Jack replies that he is.

Jack enters and makes a cup of tea, carefully placing all of the utensils and pots appropriately. He spoons some water along with spices and herbs, and he offers it to the man.

The man says that the tea is terrible - even though he use the right ingredients, he says the tea "lacks most important one -- balance." Jack asks the man to show him the way to his sword, but the man refuses, saying he must find his own way.

Jack argues with his inner demon (his anger and frustration personified), who tries to send them in the wrong direction. He understands that the demon has kept him from achieving his goals. He vanquishes the demon.

The man announces that Jack is now free -- he is now worthy. Jack is presented with a sword and is returned to consciousness.

Meanwhile, Ashi hears a troop of warriors coming over the horizon. The troop is made up of what appears to be hundreds of thousands of warriors, yet she confronts them and says she will stop them.

The warriors begin to laugh, but she does not step down.

She takes on each of the warriors crushing them and throwing them off the mountain she then jumps over a sea of warriors fighting each one individually, instantly killing them all.

Ashi is covered in blood but she has defeated almost all of the warriors. However, she notices something awry. One warriors still remains alive, and is preparing to kill samurai Jack with an arrow.

Ashi manages to make it up to the top of the mountain and block the arrow, as well as several other arrows. Out from the shadows steps her trainer.

The mother says that she knew Ashi would fail because she lacked discipline.

The to enter into hand-to-hand combat. The trainer runs to attack Samurai Jack, but Ashi manages to throw an arrow, killing her instantly.

When Jack wakes up, he sees Ashi on the ground, having beaten all the warriors. She asks him "what's next?" He says: "Aku".

That's all for this episode. The season is coming to an end quickly, so we can expect some explosive revelations in the next few episodes.

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