Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9 Review: ‘Elseworlds Part 3'

The third and final crossover episode was on last night as Kara, Oliver, and Barry find themselves in a bit of trouble back on Earth 1.

This version of Earth 1 is dangerous mainly because the world is run by an evil version of Superman!

The evil doctor John Deegan has used the Book of Destiny to change reality and he's ruling the world as a black suited Superman.

Oliver Queen and Barry Allen are pretty useless in this world because they are powerless criminals calling themselves the Trigger Twins!

One thing I did not like about this episode is that Supergirl doesn't get to do much even though this is her own series.

For the first half of the episode, Kara Danvers is locked up inside the Star Labs prison with her own sister Alex keeping her there.

Many of the other characters aren't who they are supposed to be either.

Much like Alex, Killer Frost is too working with the evil black suited Superman. Star Labs is Superman's base of operations and he has kept the Book of Destiny well hidden.

With no powers and nowhere else to go, Oliver and Barry come up with an idea to get more help.

They need to find this world's version of Cisco so that he can vibe to Earth 38 to seek the help with the real Superman.

Cisco is pretty much like a top level mob boss in this reality and it's really funny how different he acts to the normal Cisco.

Cisco actually agrees to help out Oliver and Barry because he too wants to see the evil Superman dethroned.

Thankfully, Oliver and Barry go to the Fortress of Solitude to get the real Superman. They need him to fight back against his evil twin back on Earth 1

Supergirl has to help herself out as she uses the past in order for Alex to break her out of prison. While she escapes, the evil Superman catches her in the act, but he is stopped by the good Superman!

Superman vs Superman takes place and it's an awesome battle. Sure I would have liked the two to have fought for a longer time, but the CGI wasn't too shabby during the final scenes of this episode.

What I didn't like about this episode though is that Supergirl herself did not get much screentime.

Even after she escapes from Star Labs, she doesn't get to do much because it's Oliver Queen that saves the day at the end.

Oliver Queen goes to The Monitor and confronts the evil Superman who is actually John Deegan.

He uses one of his arrows to stop the Book of Destiny from changing reality while Barry and Supergirl are out flying to slow down time.

Another thing I did not like about this final episode is that Batwoman only appears at the end.

It was cool to see her debut in the second part of Elseworlds, but sadly she did not have a role in saving the world.

Hopefully we see more of Batwoman in the near future as I feel Ruby Rose does a good job of playing the character.

The ending of Elseworlds even teases Fall 2019's crossover which will be an adaptation of the 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' storyline. That's something fans can look forward to in one year's time.

Out of all of the episodes so far, I would say episode part one of Elseworlds was my favorite.

This is mainly because it was humorous to see Oliver and Barry switching roles. Part 2 was awesome too thanks to the introduction of the Batwoman character.

Part 3 was fine, but I was hoping Supergirl could have done more on her own show. We didn't even get to see Martian Manhunter or Brainy fight much because they didn't join the battle until at the very end.

However, I did like the happy ending with Clark Kent and Lois Lane getting married soon and wanting to have a baby. This was done to kind of write the character off so Supergirl is the main hero on Earth 38.

Anyway, I feel the climax of Elseworlds could have been better, although it's always nice to see The CW shows do crossovers.

It's too bad the Legends of Tomorrow cast weren't included this year, but hopefully they are in next year's crossover instead.

Verdict: 8.0/10

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