What Did Perez Hilton Do To Benjy on Howard Stern?

Howard Stern show staffer Benjy Bronk let Perez Hilton go where no man has presumably gone before on Monday's Howard Stern show.

The overweight writer alreay had a bet with Stern that if he did not lose a certain amount of weight by the agreed upon date he would allow himself to be anally violated by a man.

That challenge has yet to expire but Bronk made a similar deal to be willingly sexually compromised.

In exchange for allowing gossip website celebrity Perez Hilton to insert a finger in his rectum Bronk got his girlfriend status as an official contributor to the radio show.

The stunt took place in an apartment outside Stern;s SiriusXM studio.

Hilton began by kissing Bronk's neck, fondling his chest, and then, with the help of some lube and a rubber glove, he went in for the main event.

Bronk screamed for most of the three minutes he was required to have another man's finger inside his rectum but much of the screaming appeared to be shtick.

Stern actually attempted to have the stunt stopped on a number of occasions but it went on for the full three minutes.